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By Tyann Marcink

One of the key challenges for your vacation rental marketing images is being able to transport a guest from their laptop/tablet/smartphone at home to a getaway at your property.

Your images need to get a guest to not just think, but to say out loud, “I want to be THERE.”

What I like about this photo:

  • It’s a unique perspective on what could be an average beach photo.
  • The glass bottle acts as a window into another world…it transports us from the shore to the lighthouse.
  • The image is not flat, but it has depth, drawing you into it.

This image is by Tracey Pascoe and found on the Cornwall and Devon Together Facebook Community page.





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One thought on “Vacation Rental Photography | Photo Of The Week

  1. Amy Greener says:

    Gorgeous image, Tyann. You’re so right about photos needing to take us out of our daily lives and move us to want to be somewhere special. Photos with the power of suggestion are far more effective than just ones that show living space, for sure!

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