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There has been a bit of chat on Linkedin this week regarding reviews (see here) so I thought that I would share another tip from our Recipies for 5 star reviews – This time it couldn’t be easier or cheaper for that matter…

Here’s a simple welcome pack suitable for two adult guests that will arrive late morning / mid afternoon.

It’s a simple wine and tapas pack, consisting of one or two bottles of wine, red, white or rose, some fresh orange juice and some snack foods like olives, cured ham, local cheese (make sure these items are chilled) and maybe some crackers.

It’s a nice surprise for the guests and gives them an opportunity to snack and relax while taking in their new surroundings. In short, it gets their holiday off to a really nice start.

Happy guests are more likely to write a great review.

Happy guests are more likely to recommend your vacation rental property to friends.

Happy guests are more likely to rebook.



This tip is taken from our Recipes For 5 Star Reviews guide

recipes for 5 star reviews


Vacation Rental Marketing – Recipes For 5 Star Reviews

This vacation rental marketing guide focuses on guest reviews – How to get 5 star reviews, time and time again Like it or not, times have changed and we now live in the age of the “vacation rental – online review”. Potential guests not only weigh up photos, descriptions, locations and price but are also swayed by what previous guests have written about the property, their holiday and, in some cases, the owner. For the average VR owner this means three things;

Bad reviews are the kiss of death. No reviews make you look plain ordinary. Great reviews drive bookings.

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