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By Heather Bayer

There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with this business. I’ve had six rental properties over the last fifteen years and have seen my own interest and involvement grow into a full time job as well as a part time ‘hobby’.

I’ve written over 450 articles on every aspect of the vacation rental industry, as well as a couple of books.

My family knows that I cannot go anywhere without an internet connection so email can be checked every 10 minutes and it’s the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing at night.

I love to talk about the business, answer questions about it and to be involved just about every minute of the day.


Oh yes, I would say I am.

So what about you? You may think I am a vacation rental geek, but you might not be so far behind. I know that because you’ve found your way to Alan’s website and are reading this post…..

You also know you are a vacation rental fanatic when you:



1. Are a member of 4 or more Linkedin VR groups and are constantly striving to maintain your Top Contributor status. You read every post and spend far too much time working out how to make your next contribution sound good.



2. Check your listing stats last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and several more times during the day. Your site has Google Analytics and the GA stats are in your favourites tab.



3. Comment frequently on forums – HomeAway, Lay May Hat, Yahoo Groups, as well as numerous Facebook groups. Where there are contributor stars, you have them and you know your post count, and that of the other fanatics out there.



4. Answer emails within 5 minutes (even after midnight) and strive to be even quicker than that, while working out ways to respond in your sleep.



5. Want to meet your guests or at least talk to them on the phone after they arrive, with the purpose of hearing them tell you how great the place is. Of course you want to find out if they need anything, but be honest – you want to hear the love!



6. Get involved in lengthy arguments on damage deposits and suddenly realize it’s with the same people on every forum and group. Face it. No-one is going to change their mind so perhaps it’s time to choose a new topic.



7. Know exactly what your competitors are doing. You read every one of their reviews and add new features and amenities that are pleasing their guests. If someone comments on how great the guest gift of homemade shortbread was, you start diving into the recipe books and buying ingredients.


8. You read every one of Matt Landau’s posts on marketing and use a dozen techniques known only to the Inner Circle.


9. You take every course that’s offered, and because of that you are now a Google Plus superstar, and know the WordPress dashboard like the back of your hand.

10. You are seriously thinking about buying another property to replicate your success and have already made a plan to ditch the day job and become a property manager…….


That last one is how I started.


I bought one place, learned to love the business and after a couple of years had several more. Then when a few friends came along and asked if I could manage their properties, it was a natural progression.


How about you?