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This is the single , most important vacation rental photo tip of all time. So many owners fail on this level. Even professional photographers miss the psychology involved here. It’s simple to fix though.

Closed doors and windows are not inviting or welcoming, they send the wrong message.

  Web visitors that come across photos that show closed doors and windows, will skim over these images in favour of properties shown with doors and windows that are open.

FACT – Closed doors = Thought process = Keep out

FACT – Open doors = Thought process = Come on in

FACT – The same goes for shutters and windows

Look at the photos on the right. Even though the top photo shows the pool from a good angle, the photo below it is far more welcoming just because the doors and shutters are open.

Review your own images and check that all doors, shutters, windows and curtains are shown open.

If they don’t, then plan on replacing them as soon as you can and you can benefit from more bookings.                       

It really is that simple.

Even if you have air conditioning and the doors and windows would normally be closed – Open them for your photoshoot.
You will be amazed at the difference in your click through rates.

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