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Adding content, colour and an occupied feel to terrace table photos increases bookings.

The photograph of this terrace table shown, top right, was the clients own and was used in the listings online before this photo makeover. It’s a pretty poor photo.

The photo bottom right shows the same table but from a new angle. Now you can see the outstanding view, trees, golf course and the ocean beyond. Quite some difference.

Now let’s look at the main photo, left. It’s the same camera position as the one bottom right, I’ve just added a simple breakfast scene. Coloured place mats, two bowls, a tea pot, two cups and some water melon.

The resulting image is far more eye-catching and sends a stronger holiday message, resulting in more bookings.

Try to think like a potential guest. Trigger their imagination. Rent more weeks!

It only takes a little time and a little thought.

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This tip is taken from our food and drink staging guide


Vacation rental staging

Vacation Rental Food and Drink Guide

This guide looks at the staging of tables and all things food and drink. Ultimately guests will be breakfasting, lunching, barbecuing and wining and dining at your property and you can show potential guests where they can do these things. This really helps with conversions. It also covers kitchens as guests will be preparing food here too. We also look at poolside tables and bedside tables.
An empty table in a photograph is wasted real estate, just by micro staging each and every table before you take photo`s you can add form, content, colour, scale, depth and holiday associations to your images. The guide covers all of these aspects and shows how you too can spice up your marketing image portfolio by adding a few extra, tempting, eye-catching, memorable photographs that will really help with convert more web visitors into guests.

We don’t profess to make you into the best photographers in the world, we just set out to show you how to improve your rental images through a number of easy to follow tips and tricks.
Better photos sell more weeks.

See more details on this guide here