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By Tyann Marcink

Vacation Rental Photography
Photo of the week

Breakfast with this view? Yes, please!

There is more than one reason this is the lead photo for this property in Cozumel, though.

What I like about this photo:

  • The blue of the Caribbean Sea lures you into the image.
  • The lines of the horizon and the deck railing lead you into the sitting area.
  • The table is set and ready for a meal.
  • The entire photo beckons to you to come and enjoy.


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This week’s photo of the week was bought to you by +tyannmarcink oftyannmarcink.com.

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2 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Photography | Photo Of The Week

  1. Amy Greener says:

    Hi Tyann! This VR image is definitely an eye-catcher but there are some composition and technical choices that I think the photographer could have nailed with a bit more time and thought.

    I agree with you that the leading line of the ocean is a real attention-getter–one of my personal favorites in a vacation rental photo. But the photographer set up the tripod so high that 1/3 of the composition is the white ceiling. When you’re sitting at the table or even just standing at the railing in person, you wouldn’t see that so why show it so prominently in a photo? Plus the photographer used a flash and you can see it bounced off the white ceiling, creating a bit of an unusual brightness where you wouldn’t expect to see it.

    My other concern is that because the nicely staged breakfast table is composed in the very lower left corner of the photo, it experiences a lot of distortion due to the ultra wide angle lens characteristics. I think lowering the tripod level just a bit and recomposing the shot so that you’re shooting closer to the table and looking out toward the ocean, would still provide the attractive leading line but be more realistic to the viewer. We all know the table doesn’t lean to the left but whenever possible photogs need to avoid extreme angles and distortion.

    1. Hi Amy! Yes, I agree that this photo is far from perfect. You have listed some great critique on how this image can be improved. I would have done the composition a bit differently myself as well. Thanks for commenting!

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