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It is nearing the end of the guests holiday so it’s time to serve up a dessert in the way of a reminder or two.

As an owner it is a real pain if guests forget things when they leave the property at the end of their holiday.

Not only do they expect you to hunt around for a pair of lost reading glasses, an odd sandal or  iPod headphones they also expect you to wrap them up and send them in the post.

Here’s a chance to kill two birds with one stone.
The day before they leave, send them an email reminding them to check the following areas when packing, the washing line, the washing machine, the tumble drier, under the beds, all wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, the bathroom, bathroom cabinet and the car if it’s a rental.
If you provide a Playstation, Xbox or similar get them to check that the children have not left a game in the drive. The same applies to an iPod docking station.

At the same time give them a gentle reminder about filling in the guest book and leaving an online review.

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This tip is taken from our Recipes For 5 Star Reviews guide

recipes for 5 star reviews


Vacation Rental Marketing – Recipes For 5 Star Reviews

This vacation rental marketing guide focuses on guest reviews – How to get 5 star reviews, time and time again Like it or not, times have changed and we now live in the age of the “vacation rental – online review”. Potential guests not only weigh up photos, descriptions, locations and price but are also swayed by what previous guests have written about the property, their holiday and, in some cases, the owner. For the average VR owner this means three things;

Bad reviews are the kiss of death. No reviews make you look plain ordinary. Great reviews drive bookings.

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