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A little cropping here and there can really improve your bedroom images.

Photographs posted to the listing pages need to all be taken in landscape format and retain their original aspect ratio.

But if you have your own online website / gallery / slideshow (and you should) then your bedroom photo’s could well benefit from letter-boxing.

Style magazines do this all the time.

Here’s how, just save a copy of the photograph, open your image handling software (Picasa, Photoshop, Picmonkey or whatever) and crop your bedroom photo top and bottom. Then save the resulting picture and use it in your own gallery / slideshow.

This works well because you crop out excessive amounts of ceiling and the end of the bed, both of which are not that appealing anyway, and you end up with more eye-catching detail to focus on.

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Vacation Rental Photography Tips

This tip is taken from our Bedroom Makeover Guide

vacation rental photography tips

Vacation rental marketing – Getting more guests to sleep with you!

This guide focuses on bedrooms.

Get your bedroom images right and your conversions can go through the roof. Here we show you how to spark a little holiday romance and boost bookings at the same time.

A great follow up guide to our Marketing Makeover Guide, this guide is in the same pictorial, full colour, so easy a child could do it , format.

Potential guests are susceptible to good bedroom photos and it’s not surprising considering that they will spend a good 20 – 25% of their holiday in bed.

This guide looks at what works and what doesn’t when it comes to vacation bedrooms and the photographing of them. It covers what you need to know and gives real life photo makeover examples, so you can see how easy it is to improve on your own existing images and produce improved, eye-catching, inviting pictures that will entice more clients.

Don’t worry, you don’t need expensive equipment, a simple point and shoot digital camera will do. We don’t profess to make you into the best photographers in the world, we just set out to show you how to improve your rental images through a number of easy to follow tips and tricks.

See more details on this guide here