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Vacation Rental Photography Tips – Here we share the little known professional tips that make conversions soar – This week – Think Like A Client.

This weeks tip is to review your online photo portfolio and “Think like a client”.

Our guests don’t come to sit at an empty table in an empty house. But this is exactly what most vacation rental owners depict on their websites and in the listings. Change your thinking and show the property “in use” by adding vacation props.

Web visitors don’t know anything about your house or the surrounding area. It’s your job to show them what a holiday at your house can be like.

You can do this on a number of levels, firstly by improving and expanding your online gallery, and secondly by micro staging the photographs with important props that trigger certain holiday feelings.

Web visitors are trying to build a mental picture of their forthcoming holiday, so, play on that and help them build a fuller picture. Educated visitors convert at a far higher rate.

Think about what people do on holiday and try to show these things in your online gallery.

They eat, they sleep, they rest and they play. They sunbathe, they swim. Show where all these things take place.

Micro stage your photos by adding flowers, towels, drinks, books and magazines. Set tables for an outdoor breakfast or BBQ dinner, or both

This tip is taken from our Marketing Makeover Guide

Vacation Rental Photography Tips