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A couple of weeks ago Tyann Marcink and I were talking about micro staging and I thought that I would add a little something along those lines this week.
As I have said, time and time again, people don’t go on vacation rental – They go on vacation.
As an owner you have two choices, you can show your rental or you can depict a vacation.
I spent a lot of time split testing photos and saw a huge increase in enquiries and bookings when I used photos like those below as opposed to sterile “empty” images.
You read a lot of advice that tells owners that they should employ a professional photographer to photograph your property and on the whole that’s good advice. They will take technically better photos but it’s up to you as an owner to set the stage for the photographer. Buy the makings of a breakfast and stage the dining tables (inside and out) to look like guests are just about to sit down for breakfast.

You will be amazed at the increase in enquiries that you get.

You have nothing to lose – These images only take a little time and money to produce.
The page below is taken from our photographic guide – http://bit.ly/1b3Ran9 (have a look, it’s money well spent)

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