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We have entered a new era of vacation rental marketing and here we look at two case studies that clearly demonstrate the power of the new.

To Recap

Back in February 2014 we started a new form of vacation rental marketing which revolved around an innovative form of social marketing within social media.

Around 7 months later I published some pretty staggering statistics regarding just 10 of the VR owners that were on the course.

In summery these 10 owners had amassed just short of 19,000 followers and had received over 2.5 million page views on Google Plus alone.

All in 6 or 7 months.

Better still 9 out of the 10 had seen large gains in search ranking across all 3 of the major search engines.

Haters gonna hate

This case study was met by some who were very keen to shout foul.

People accused me of all sorts of underhand nonsense. Some said that I was making it up, others said that the search terms didn’t count (go figure!).

Some were shouting “But did it bring in bookings?” and even though some of these owners said “Yes” these same detractors still insisted that social marketing doesn’t work.

What’s happened since?

Well as we are coming up on a year since we started the Bookings Plus 4G Social Media Marketing Course For Vacation Rental Owners (B+4G) I thought that I would have another look at how those same 10 owners were getting on with their social marketing campaigns.

So about 5 months since the original case study, these owners have gained JUST UNDER 10,000 MORE FOLLOWERS.

They now average 2,875 followers each.

In the last 18 weeks their posts have been seen 8.8 MILLION times on Google Plus alone.

These owners also post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so who knows what the total exposure is but as I’m sure you will agree – THAT’S MASSIVE.

But once again the real reward is in search.

9 of the 10 now appear on the first page of Google.

In fact 8 are in the top 5 Google results.

8 of the 10 have risen further still since the last case study.

You can see more detailed figures for both case studies here.

The bottom line

All 10 owners in the case study are still conducting an active social media campaign based on the B+4G course. Quite frankly, they wouldn’t be doing that if it didn’t work. All are busy people with one or more vacation rental to manage as well as young families in some cases.

We just asked owners on the course how bookings were compared to this time last year and 45% said that bookings were up on last year and 27% said bookings were up a lot on last year. That’s way above average.

What to do?

If you too want to be causing a stir, creating a following and getting huge exposure then you need to adopt a social marketing strategy that’s proven to work.

You are already a year behind these owners and as more and more people discover the power of this form of marketing the harder it will be to catch up.

Visit Bookings Plus 4G for more details or drop me a line at [email protected]