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WordPress Wednesday

UPDATE. Friday AM – Another WordPress update today so please double check that you are running 4.1.3

Just a heads up for those of you running websites based on WordPress. There was a WP update this week so you may want to check if you are running the latest core release (4.1.2).
Always install the latest release as soon as possible as running an outdated release has security issues. This goes for plugins too.
Posted by Alan of bookingsplus4g.com
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4 thoughts on “Vacation rental websites

  1. I think WP is able to update automatically now but now sure how this was put in place on my sites. This is part of yesterday's message from WP:

    Howdy! Your site at http://beachhousenoosa.com has been updated automatically to WordPress 4.1.2.

    Yes ….. am still 'cheating' with my WP as haven't started learning how to do it myself.

  2. There's another update to 4.2 now +Noosa Luxury Holiday Houses which will probably need to be done manually.

  3. That's right +Cotswolds self catering family holiday rental guide I updated the post on the RMW website (didn't get a chance here as have been busy)

  4. +Cotswolds self catering family holiday rental guide that's interesting as I received another automatic update since my post but this time to WP 4.13. If these updates are coming in so often it is easier if they are automated I think.

    I used to get notices to say WP needed updating and it always took ages for the IT guy to get around to it. Months. Maybe he is the one who 'made some changes' so that it would take care of itself? Not sure.

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