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Consider towels and sheets that are a cotton/polyester blend. Most hotels use this type of sheeting. Your guests will never know and the bonus is that they launder quick and wrinkle less!
Oh happy days!
Posted by Alanna Schroeder-Millar of thedistinguishedguest.com
Alanna Schroeder-Millar is founder of thedistinguishedguest.com/ and owner of princevillevacationrental.com – She is a regular contributor to rentmoreweeks
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15 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Management – Pro Tips

  1. Jenny Wilkes says:

    I have used cotton/polyester sheets since I started to make it easier for the cleaner ….

  2. Neil Taylor says:

    Make sure you have a high cotton content and a high thread count; they still have to be high quality – it really shows. We send all our bed linen to laundry but wash the towels ourselves. All our towels are 100% cotton and the best we could afford. Guests feel pampered!

  3. Thanks Neil, we all want guests to feel pampered.

  4. Jenny Wilkes says:

    Do you use white towels or ones in colours?

  5. Neil Taylor says:

    +Jenny Wilkes All our towels and bed linen are white, mostly because it gives a good consistent look over the 11 rooms and because the bed linen is owned by the laundry. We have a sort of white striped duvet covers, Oxford Pillow Cases and fitted base sheets.We bought really good quality bath towels and bath sheets from Mitre Linen on special offer last winter.

  6. Definitely white towels. Coloured bed linen in cotton/polyester which keeps softer and fresher looking.

  7. I need to buy some new towels …..
    Some have disappeared & rogue ones have crept in! My last cleaner/housekeeper – who has just left – wasn't too great. Cream towels finished up as white towels ..
    All part of having a holiday let I guess ….

  8. +Jenny Wilkes
    Do you use white sheeting Jenny, and if so, could you please share how you keep them looking white? Bleach seems to turn these pink ! We try to get the ones with the highest percentage of cotton to poly and this is only happening to ones bought recently Any tips much appreciated. Lizzie

  9. Jenny Wilkes says:

    Hi Lizzie +Cairns Holiday Homes
    I have some white duvet covers & sheets, & a few in colours. They are all 50% cotton polyester & 50% cotton. The white duvet covers have all come from John Lewis but some of the sheets may have come from another company. They have all stayed looking white – in the care of a succession of cleaners over 4 years! Not sure what they have done in washing …
    I have white bed linen at home – also 50% cotton – some 60% cotton.. It has stayed white – no special treatment. Have never bleached it

  10. +Jenny Wilkes
    thanks for the reply, Jenny. We don't have John Lewis over here 🙁 I think it must be something that they process the sheeting with that makes it turn Pink as it never happened before. I will have to keep looking Tropical Climate is very tough on Linen..

  11. John Lewis deliver to Australia +Cairns Holiday Homes. Every so often they do free delivery too.

  12. +Perth Holiday House Rental, Western Australia Thanks so much for that info, I will have a look at their on line sales.

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