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Just wanted to say a big thanks to +martin shervington and +Greg Cooper for highlighting our work at RMW and B+4G.
Big thanks to +Plus Your Business! (if you aren’t a member of the community you should be) and warm thanks to all of the vacation rental property owners who see the value in bookingsplus4g.com courses and Google plus as a social marketing cornerstone.
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Holiday Property Owners Go Social. (Case Study!)
This is a great write up by Level 4 cadet Greg Cooper, around the great work Alan Egan has been doing with Google+…

Check it out for further evidence that ‘being here’ makes the world of difference to the right businesses.

Thank you +alan egan and +Greg Cooper for all your hard work.

Holiday Property Owners Go Social – Plus Your Business
Looking for a super success story? Well PYB member Alan Egan has this in the property rental space. Great stats too!

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  1. Greg Cooper says:

    Thanks for your time and patience +alan egan and willingness to share the story.

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