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As a stylist here are the most common no-no’s I see when it comes to artwork. Avoid making these mistakes when styling your holiday rental:

1. Choosing an incorrect style

Artwork is about enhancing a space and a property. So choose images which reflect this. For example in my English country cottage, a picture of a flamenco dancer is not be appropriate. Whereas countryside imagery is.

 2. Hanging it too high

Hang artwork at eye level. This of course varies for each of us, but on average this means hang the artwork so its centre is approximately 65 inches or 165 cm from the floor.

 3. Getting the proportions wrong.

Ensure the artwork is neither too large nor too small for the space. I see the latter happen often on the wall above the bed. If in doubt, leave the wall art-free or hang a group or collection of pieces.

 4. Mis-matching

Use your artwork to coordinate with your colour scheme or if you have a favourite piece of art, use this as a starting point and build your decor scheme around this. You wouldn’t randomly add a scatter cushion that didn’t coordinate with your scheme, so neither should you do this with artwork.

Happy artwork hanging!


Posted by Karen Spencer of http://thebusinessofholidayrental.com/

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