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Responsive website design
The attached infographic from dotcominfoway.com throws up some amazing statistics – not least the fact that the average smartphone user checks his or her phone 150 times a day.
That’s pretty amazing isn’t it?
This is just one of the reasons that as a vacation rental owner you need a website that is mobile responsive.
67% of mobile users that come across a website that isn’t mobile friendly will never return to that site.

Check to see if your site is mobile compliant here

For those that fail this test we have created an online course that enables VR owners to easily create an up to date mobile responsive website. If your existing site failed Google’s test pop over to bookingsplus4g.com and check out our WordPress for vacation rental owners course. It’s made for you.
Posted by Alan of B+4G
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  1. Thank you! Great post and a great link to easily check the mobile compatibility of your site. I failed completely, so it's good to know!

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