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How well stocked is your kitchen?
Guests love vacation rental properties because they can cook a meal. If you are NOT getting 5-Star reviews commenting on your well stocked kitchen then you need to check out this post! http://bit.ly/1BCfMDF
Posted by out vacation rental managenent expert, Alanna Schroeder-Millar of thedistinguishedguest.com
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3 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Management

  1. In two minds about this topic. We also have a restaurant and supermarket on-line, so we want the guests to use those too. We put in the basics and will always try to supply anything extra asked for when they're here.

  2. Another great item to add to a kitchen is a crock pot. When we added ours the guests were super happy. In the Smoky Mountains picnicing is huge while you walk the trails and play in the mountain streams. Displaying a picnic basket is great. We also have sealed containers on hand so they can pack all their food without fear of spilling.

  3. Good ideas +My Bearfoot Cabins? we should all build a list of what to stock

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