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The Secret, to Being a Successful Vacation Rental Owner, is the 4 Ms.

Mindset, Money, Marketing and Makeover

MINDSET is thinking like a business owner and running your vacation rental with this mindset. It’s a business not a hobby! Even if you haven’t run a business before, have confidence in your abilities – you can do it, you can grow the business that’s right for you.
MONEY is having a grip on the financials. What does it cost you to bring your holiday rental to the market? What’s your income now? What are your income targets?
MARKETING is having a compelling message and knowing your ideal guest, then reaching out and talking to your ideal guest in places they hangout (both online and offline).
MAKEOVER is about creating a stand-out holiday home that guests will want to book. Style to make your property look visually appealing. Stage your property before professional photographs are taken.

The 4 Ms – each one equally as important. Apply them together and your holiday rental business will grow.

Posted by Karen Spencer http://thebusinessofholidayrental.com/

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