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Social media thinking
This is the area where VR owners fall down down the most.
Talk to most vacation rental owners about social media and they will start on about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin.
But these are the channels not the media.

The media is mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and laptops.
2 billion and rising. Over 300 million smartphones were sold in the last quarter of last year alone.
Just about every potential guest has a smartphone.
Think of that smartphone as a digital billboard that you can reach through social media.
If you don’t have a social marketing strategy those same potential guests will never see your content on their screens.
Gain a follower by being social and you gain direct access to his or her digital media billboard. This is more powerful than any previous form of media. This makes print marketing, TV advertising and listing site offerings look like cave paintings by comparison.

Media mantra : Gain followers to gain access to mobile devices

Posted by Alan of bookingsplus4g.com

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  1. I agree!! Only this morning I sent instruction to all my guests on how to save my new beach webcam link directly to the front screen of their smart phone allowing one click access to my webcam page…i have had a thank you message already!

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