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This article outlines a quite brilliant way to change the mindset of those hunting for a last minute vacation bargain.

Be the hunter, not the hunted.

Kevin Riedel of unrents.com

Last Minute Rentals – Are You Game?

“Hi, I’m calling about the week you have open in your vacation rental… you know… the one that’s open two weeks from now. Can you tell me if it’s still available.”

“Why yes, it is.”

“OK, great. I was wondering if you’d take $500 for it.”


“Yes, $500.”

“My asking rate is $2,500.”

“I know. But let’s be realistic. You’ve only got 2 weeks to fill that week. You’re not going to fill it. You know it and I know it. So why not take $500? 500 dollars is better than zero dollars.”


Ever have that conversation?

It’s the worst!

Bargain hunters are just that, hunters.

Let me start by saying I’m not hunter bashing, I know some very nice people who are hunters. But from a primal perspective, the hunter mentality is generally aggressive, arrogant, and overly confident.

Whether they’re hunting big game to provide food for the tribe or hunting for bargains on vacation rentals, these traits can, and often do, come to the surface in hunters.

Therefore last-minute vacationers carry a stigma many of us are all too familiar with.

These hunters comb the listing sites, classifieds, and other sources of information, searching for vacation rentals with open weeks that are only a few weeks out.

When they find one, they feel as if they are in a position of power…. They’ve found the wounded buffalo that can’t keep up with the herd. It’s an easy kill. They will be the hero to the family and the hero to the family budget. It’s an easy kill with huge rewards!

The adrenaline rushes, they pick up their weapon of choice (the phone) and call you, ready to go in for the kill…

Ugh. Lucky you.

Here’s the thing… in their minds, you are desperate to fill your open weeks. So they’re going to negotiate with unreasonable numbers. Last-minute bargain hunters think they’re doing you a favor because you’re basically losing money by not having a renter in place. They don’t know (or care!) that when you take in a renter, you incur additional cost you need to cover.

They feel as if they are in a position of power over you.

 What if there was a way to remove this mindset?

There is.

Become the hunter, not the hunted.

It can be done by creating a marketplace for last-minute rentals. Doing this completely changes the dynamic of the situation. Here’s why:

Behavior Change

Power and aggressiveness is replaced with a sense of purchase urgency. Because your last-minute deals are being shown publicly, the renter understands the scarcity of what they’ve found. If they don’t act quickly to grab the deal, they may lose the deal to someone else.

Power Shift

Now the power is in your hands. There’s no longer a need to negotiate. If you set a discounted rate on an open week, you can hold strong on it. If a renter tries to negotiate, you can easily say no because you’ve received 10 other inquiries you need to follow up on.

Many owners don’t want to advertise last minute rentals because it feels counterintuitive. I can understand… after all, why would you want to attract more jerks?

You won’t.

Proudly advertise your last-minute deals. The more eyes you have on your last-minute weeks, the less-likely you are to face aggressive and pushy last-minute renters. Even if one calls you because they think they’ve found that wounded buffalo, let them know you’re advertising that week at a set price in a marketplace. Stand firm and watch their attitudes change and wallets open.