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The impact of social media
Social media is changing the way we live, it's changing the way we interact with each other, it's changing our decision making and it's changing our behaviour.
That's becoming more and more apparent and this article (below) on shopping hammers home some of these changes with some quite amazing statistics.
What you, as a vacation rental owner, need to realise is that people shop for vacations. They share their thoughts with friends and relatives and they do this prior to the vacation, during it and afterwards – Just as they do in store. If you don't have a co-ordinated social media presence then these potential and fee paying guests can't share your social offerings. Todays smartphone weilding, tablet toting, crowd will be busy sharing your competitors images and offers if you aren't present on the platforms that they use on a constant basis.
Have a read of the article below because I'm not talking about what will happen, I'm talking about what is already happening.
It's time to get social

Posted by Alan of bookingsplus4g.com

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The connected consumer: How shopping has gone social | MyCustomer
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7 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Marketing

  1. I saw one bloke on dragons den who was pitching software for customers to share photos whilst on a shop and hold up items to buy or not to buy and instantly share for an opinion on social media

  2. I'm not supprised. Check out this video (the bit where she's buying a coat) http://youtu.be/449twsMTrJI

  3. That's spot on!!! Mums use it a lot too! I was rushing around yesterday after realising it world book day today. I contacted a woman on my etsy app to make a pdf of a wonka bar. She messaged it to me after messaging me in Tesco asking what size chocolate bar was i buying. I'd found the ones on offer on another app before heading to the shop. Then I shared the photos of my chocolate bars on facebook and my mums group on Facebook and forwarded to pdf to those who wanted them too!!! Search "name of a town Boooty" eg rhiwbina Boooty…these are groups if mums in our area who swop clothes or ask other mums for recommendation etc. I post my apartment on there monthly. It's the way business have to go!

  4. I also asked if anyone could lend me a boys waistcoat and got an offer in minutes!!

  5. Search for Boooty sites on Facebook. The one I use had a waiting list to join!!!!

  6. You are way ahead of the field 🙂

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