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What makes posts go viral?
Here are 6 Characteristics of Viral Content
Social currency: things that make the person sharing look good – funny, intelligent, knowledgeable – are more likely to go viral as they continue having the same value to everyone that shares them.
Triggers: people are more inclined to share things that are already at the front of their mind. Journalists have worked for years to create articles that are topical and this follows the same principle, if it’s in the news and widely discussed already, then it’s more sharable.
Emotion: posts and videos that appeal to the emotions are more likely to be shared. This applies to both positive and negative emotions, although the former is preferable. So, laughter, happiness, a story that evokes a sense of joy, and conversely, controversial subjects that induce anger and outrage also work.
Public: we naturally imitate what we see others do successfully and whilst this is also known as something of a herd mentality, it’s true and it works.
Practical Value: things that have a practical value are things that are useful to us, simple. So this would be current news, perhaps list posts that set out ways of doing things and how to articles.
Stories: people like to relay stories, but they don’t particularly relay facts and figures. So whilst a post might be useful, without a story spin on it, it’s not as likely to be shared.
Full article here http://xen.com.au/6-characteristics-viral-content/
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