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Big thanks to +Louise Brace of +Rental Tonic for a great article and for mentioning our own bookings university )http://bookingsplus4g.com).
Stop dreaming of bookings, start selling dreams
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Holiday experiences, not holiday rentals

19 thoughts on “Dream holidays

  1. Interesting. Thanks it nudged me a bit looking at the pie chart. HA use google translate. Has anyone paid for a translation in another language?

  2. Interesting. Thanks it nudged me a bit looking at the pie chart. HA use google translate. Has anyone paid for a translation in another language?

  3. Louise Brace says:

    Ahem +rentmoreweeks RentalBuzz not Rental Tonic!

  4. Louise Brace says:

    We offer a translation service +Isla Canela Apartment Rental Andalucia Spain But you can also recruit translators for around 7 cents per word, so when you put this into context of what you might gain, it's quite a small outlay.

  5. Oops sorry <heading off to edit>

  6. edited <hangs head in shame>

  7. Louise Brace says:

    Well it happens. I'll let you off this once 😉

  8. Great article +Louise Brace Have Evernoted to have on tap.

  9. Fiverr has lots of translators, I had a text of 500 + words translated to Portuguese for 4.80€! For a web site it's well worth paying even more. +Isla Canela Apartment Rental Andalucia Spain

  10. Luise Wagner says:

    This is a sad world for translators. If you expect quality, you should save their jobs and not support dumping prices. Good translators went to university, have a degree and are certified and thus need to make an income. With automated machine translations many dubious people ruin the market and offer their cheap services. It is a real problem.

  11. Louise Brace says:

    And is it a good translation +Lecrín Valley Villa Rental Granada Spain. It's good to have recommendations

  12. Louise Brace says:

    +Luise Wagner and at the same time there are writers who will write for free, graphic designers who will design a logo for 5 € and Chinese tailors who will make you a Saville Row suit for a 100 dollars. Unfortunately every skilled job is going the same way, we all have had to reinvent ourselves.

  13. Luise Wagner says:

    +Louise Brace I know, I know. Maybe they are married to rich partners then? 😉 It actually can't work if you want to keep on living in a Western country with rising inflation.

  14. +Louise Brace you can check it out on our Spain-holiday listing! It looks Ok to me although I don't speak Portuguese I can understand quite a lot. The translator is Portuguese I think.

    I've also used Linguae who are also very reasonable but with the last job they did I had trouble, the translator, I think, not the web.

  15. On adverts lots of companies do a google translate do you think it's worth it to get professionally done and in Spain other than Spanish and English what the next popular traveller German?

  16. +Isla Canela Apartment Rental Andalucia Spain this is true but sometimes the translation is not at all good. French,Italian, Russians etc.

  17. Louise Brace says:

    Definitely get a translator to do the work. Not Google. Let me know if anyone needs help with a resource.

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