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More news on the incredible growth of the VR giant
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Here they come… Barclay's Bank predict Airbnb will soon start impacting on the market share of hotels 🙂

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Airbnb tipped to double in size and begin gradual impact on hotels
Such a statement would be expected from Airbnb itself – but the prediction comes from one of the leading financial travel analysts in Europe.

4 thoughts on “airbnb news

  1. +rentmoreweeks With all the different cities cracking down on airbnb, both over here and in the States, I certainly wouldn't invest my life savings in the company.
    As soon as all the people renting out all that property WITHOUT paying taxes, inspections etc start getting fined by the Town Hall, and when airbnb starts having to deduct the tax before passing on the payment, I think a lot of them will disappear off the market.

  2. Airbnb are no different to HA, TA, VRBO, et al. In fact they are quite a bit better in many regards – safety, collecting some taxes.
    HA don't give a toss about legality or safety. At least Airbnb were giving out safety equipment to hosts (in the US only, so far).

  3. I agree +alan egan it's just that I always worry about any enterprise growing so quickly. And in San Francisco The city is starting to get really tough with HA etc as well.
    I have heard rumours on the net that the reason all the listing sites want us to go over to payment on-line through them is that the authorities might make them responsible for any tax not paid by property owners.

  4. The should take some responsibility

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