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Hot on the heels of providing a sketch book for her guests to draw their holiday sketches in, Isabelle of +Self Catering Gite Holidays Near Bergerac, Dordogne, France shares another lovely idea that sets her holiday property apart from the crowd.
Many of us provide a library of books and reference material (maps, guides, etc) but the idea of promoting a swap shop adds an extra layer of trust.
So, small jobs for 2015 – Print a sign that encourages a "take one, leave one" mindset
make a note on our website that this is what we offer.
Many thanks Isabelle

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Originally shared by +Self Catering Gite Holidays Near Bergerac, Dordogne, France

Take a book, leave a book: The Swap Shop

In the lounge of our villa, you'll find an array of books and magazines ready to be picked up and read to your content. Different styles are available for all tastes.
So why don't you pick one and settle down on one of the sunbeds for a well-deserved me time?
And if you get fond of one of them, you're more than welcome to take it home as a souvenir. Just leave what you think is a fair swap and it will mix it up a bit with different flavours.

Posted by Isabelle at www.mydordogneselfcatering.com
Special offer: 10% deposit only.

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8 thoughts on “Top holiday rental marketing ideas

  1. I love this idea! some people write inside the cover to show the book's journey from place to place. Thanks for the share +rentmoreweeks Lizzie.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Alan, I am blushing here!

  3. No need for thanks or blushes. Thank you for sharing your ideas

  4. Guests love this, especially those who don't use a kindle, they don't have to use valuable suitcase space for books!

  5. Print a sign that encourages a "take one, leave one"
    Will be doing this, a great ideas to ensure a new selection of books. Have thrown many away over the years as the cupboard becomes too full.

  6. +Philip Schofield That's good to hear, glad you found it useful (happy new year by the way)

  7. Thanks Alan, and to you.

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