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More and more sites are popping up that compete with vacation rentals. Here are some that we didn't know about (campinmygarden?)
Anyway as one size does not fit all some readers may find some of these options useful.
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Move-Over Airbnb: A Host of Tech Lets You Rent Out Your Digs
Which homeshare best fits your travel wants and needs?

9 thoughts on “More vacation rental competition

  1. Jenny Wilkes says:

    Roomorama looks worth a go for me.
    'Free'listing on HomeAway has brought me nothing so far.

  2. Hi Jenny, are you on Airbnb?

  3. Jenny Wilkes says:

    Thanks I am.
    All 3 sets of guests through AirBnB have got a bargain by accident – but now I have adjusted my rates as I want them.
    My second lots of guests were critical about something which I don't think was valid. I later realised there had been 4 of them – I have max no of 3!
    Third set due tomorrow – they sound nice …

  4. Thanks for the info Jenny. Good luck, I'm sure tomorrows guests will be great. Please let me know how it goes.

  5. Love Home Swap is great for swapping but not sure it'll be able to combine that with renting.

  6. Was your crofting holiday with them?

  7. +rentmoreweeks yes. We're not listing there anymore for the moment as they put the price up about 40%!

  8. Fair enough, that's not good is it?

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