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This is a great post. It tells me tons about the house, the location and lot's more besides.
And the photos are to die for.
Great work
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The Hay Barn ~ dog friendly & just an idyllic holiday cottage for couples, on the edge of Dartmoor
The Hay Barn in Chaddlehanger, just 2 miles from Tavistock town centre is a "must stay" for all couples for the following reasons!

1. You can't bare to be separated from your beloved doggy ♥
2. You love Dartmoor with a passion!
3. You love wood burning stoves & have one at home!
4. If your a "foodie", you will relish & revel in the market town of Tavistock which was voted "Best Farmers Market" in the South West.
5. If you like being spoilt with home made cakes, luxury toiletries and crisp white bed linen?
6. Want to bask in the beauty that Dartmoor & Bodmin Moor have to offer.
7. Or you love golf! On the doorstep is Hurdwick Golf Course, near Tavistock, designed in 1989 by Hawtree & Sons.

Tavistock has all that any visitor needs; a very rich history and it's a World Heritage Site dating from 961 AD. There is a rich assortment of individual shops and wonderful restaurants and has been voted "Best Food Town" in the UK.

Devon has a number of Pannier markets (Devonian slang for fruit and veg, coming from the baskets that used to carry the product, but now this name covers all types of businesses) but Tavistock is one of the best and has a wide range of stalls and surrounding shops to browse. The Pannier market status was granted by Royal Charter to the Tavistock monks by Henry 1st in 1105. There is also a Farmers market, voted recently ‘Best Farmers’ Market in the South West’. The market takes place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month (9am – 1pm). Everything is produced within the local area, and stallholders are the farmers, growers or producers themselves.

There are some wonderful food shops: Crebers the Grocers, Country Cheeses which Mary Portas raved about in the Telegraph Magazine, a great fishmonger with the daily catch from Plymouth, butchers selling locally sourced produce or de la Torres which specialize in North African and Mediterranean food.

The biggest event in the town's calendar is the annual Goose Fair or "Goosey Fair" which has been around since 1116. This takes place on the second Wednesday of October, and draws crowds for several days which outweighs the resident population by far. Traditionally, an opportunity for locals to purchase their Christmas goose it allowed plenty of time for them to fatten the bird before Christmas!

There is also a popular annual 2-day Garden Festival held on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend and a Carnival with a 2-day Balloon Fiesta each August bank holiday weekend. In May there is also an annual music Festival "Tavistock Music & Arts Festival".

Also a largely unknown fact is that around 1540, the famous Sir Francis Drake, our most notable English explorer was born at Crowndale Farm, just to the west of what is now Tavistock College!

Also close by are two villages that date back to the Domesday Book of 1086, Mary Tavy and Peter Tavy. Named with the River Tavy in mind, you can reach back to times gone by and imagine life as it used to be. Not always as safe however and we are pretty confident you won't be accosted, but to deter highwaymen from attacking travellers along the road between Tavistock and #Okehampton , captured highwaymen were hanged from a gibbet on what is now known as 'Gibbet Hill' close by to Mary Tavy. Mary Tavy also used to be home to the world's largest copper mine: "Wheal Friendship", as well as a number of local lead and tin mines!

For those who like a hike and moorland walks, there are endless opportunities, the closest of which is Brent Tor and is one of the most impressive rock outcrops in #Dartmoor . With St. Michael’s Church at its top, it makes a distinctive silhouette on the Dartmoor skyline. The Tor is especially unusual, as geologists will tell you as it is one of the few on Dartmoor not to be made of granite, but from basaltic lava!

The area is of course a dog walkers paradise and both the cottages in #Chaddlehanger #TheHayBarn & #TheWoolShed are dog friendly.

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