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Just love this post. Great photo and a great idea. You just know that there are a whole bunch of people and companies advertising rental properties across New England right now but this is way more interesting than a property advert.
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Cranberry Harvest

Here’s something that would make a good bucket list activity:

Watch a cranberry bog be harvested.

Sure, fall in New England is beautiful… foliage, orange pumpkins, and all that stuff….

But have you ever seen a flooded cranberry bog ablaze with the deep, rich, red of cranberries?

Not only is it cool to look at, but the entire process itself is quite fascinating.

This weekend there’s a Cranberry Harvest Festival going on in Wareham, MA. You’ll get to see cranberries being harvested and there’s lots of other activities for the family to enjoy.

Check it out! For more information, visit:


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Photo Credit: Tony Libby


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  1. +rentmoreweeks brings back fond memories of my student days in New England! A beautiful part of the world.

  2. Ruth Howard says:

    That's very cool both this enthusiastic post and the cranberry bog

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