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Poor Airbnb. They announced a new branding project which is mainly based around a new logo. Some people have said that it's rude but I guess those same people didn't go to the same school as me or they don't get out much. The main problem here though may be that it is all but identical to Automation Anywhere's logo. I can hear those heated legal calls from here in Denmark. And all this after the birdhouse fiasco.
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5 thoughts on “Airbnb

  1. Just goes to show that branding and logos are extremely important and you do need to get it right +rentmoreweeks

  2. Oh no. It looks like the design team got everyone excited and forgot to do some reserach. The new page is smooth, but there are many little details that seem off – as if they spent all the money on the logo and the video graphic, and forgot the overall picture..

  3. You could be right +Stine Halmind I wonder how much money that was

  4. No such thing as bad PR, just look at all the exposure their brand got in recent days

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