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Vacation Rental Selfies. Really? Really. – Kevin Riedel of Unrents.com joins us again this week We asked him, What digital trends can we leverage for generating more social media marketing material that we can use to promote our vacation rentals? Here's Kevin's outlook, Consider this Vacation Rental Selfies. Really? Really. Selfies. The mere utterance of the word evokes images http://ow.ly/2Hb1Tv

Vacation Rental Selfies. Really? Really.
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8 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Selfies

  1. I know quite a few of our guests take pictures in this one area in our backyard. Maybe I can incorporate this somehow….

  2. Love to see any that you get Amy. We think this is a powerful marketing idea and no one is really using it.

  3. Jenny Oest says:

    I love this idea! I just put this on my promo idea list for 2015. Thanks +rentmoreweeks and +Kevin Riedel

  4. Pleasure Jenny, I really think this can work as 5 star reviews are so impersonal whereas photos of smiling, happy guests convey happiness on a different level

  5. Jenny Oest says:

    I was thinking the same thing! I'm thinking of adding it to my Vacation Bingo Game for next year! 🙂

  6. Kevin Riedel says:

    Glad you like it +Jenny Oest ! It's all about being creative and doing something that nobody else is doing! If you market like everyone else, you'll look like everyone else! And that's not a good thing…

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