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There have been a lot of news stories recently concerning hotels, vacation rentals and the battle to fill beds.

I’m not sure if the hotel industry is complaining about a decline in occupancy or an increase in competition but these stories got me thinking.


Here are a couple of things that came to mind.

Let’s go back in time…


When I was a child my parents, my sister and I would have summer holidays just like most people, but we never stayed in a hotel in all the years that I was growing up. We went camping once or twice (always risky in the UK), and we spent many a school holiday on various caravan sites up and down the country. These caravan sites were, in effect, the holiday rentals of their day and I wonder if the hotel chains were lobbying against them too, back in the sixties and seventies.

Looking back, there were a number of reasons that my mother and father opted for these holidays.

Young parents can’t afford hotel prices for a start and by the time that you factor in the cost of eating out with a young family 3 times a day plus the cost of the rooms it all becomes somewhat prohibitive compared to rustling up breakfast, a picnic lunch and an evening meal in a caravan.

There’s also the more formal atmosphere of a hotel to deal with when it comes to sharing a space with young, over excited, over tired children. This can be an added pressure on parents when it is, after all, their holiday too.

Then there’s the physical space to consider. Hotel rooms are generally set up for two people, albeit a twin or a double, so where do you put the kids? In a room on their own that opens onto a public corridor? Humm not too sure that’s a good idea. In with the parents? That’s the privacy out of the window then.

That’s where caravans and their newer modern alternatives the holiday rentals come into their own. Your private space is not divided by public space, it’s all your space and you can relax accordingly.

That and it’s cheaper.


Let’s whizz forward, back to the present…

Campsites, caravan parks, bed and breakfast inns, holiday rental homes and hotels may well all be part of the holiday lodging / accommodation sector but each are separate entities and serve different clientele.

They are not a threat to each other, they simply cater for the diversity of clients looking for a holiday.

Hotels – Maybe it’s your own fault?

The hotel lobby need to stop their bully boy tactics and look internally as to why occupancy rates are falling.

I for one will tell you that if you take me for a fool then I will take my business elsewhere.
When I pay hundreds of pounds for a night in a hotel I don’t expect to pay £10 or £20 extra for wifi and I’m not the only one, A
recent poll of 8,600 travellers by hotels.com, suggested that just 11 per cent of hotel guests are willing to pay for wi-fi but still this is commonplace even though I can access free wifi at Starbucks, McDonalds and even on the train.

So, if you wish to alienate almost 90% of your clientele charge extra for it but don’t try to blame the holiday rental owners who, without exception, offer free wifi.

What do you think?

What do you think

I would love to hear your views. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

One thought on “Fight Night – The Battle For Beds

  1. Susan Walker says:

    Thanks for another interesting and well reasoned post, Alan. I totally agree with your arguments.

    Holiday makers are more and more diverse these days so it’s only logical that there should be a varied selection of accommodation types.

    Many thanks.

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