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Following on from our Airbnb article earlier in the week, the company are giving away Free Smoke & CO Detectors
Any host with an active listing in the US can get a self contained, battery powered smoke & CO detector for free during 2014.
Details here https://www.airbnb.com/home-safety
They also say "By the end of 2014 we'd like every Airbnb listing to have a smoke & CO detector." Which is very good news for both owners and guests.
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6 thoughts on “Vacation rental safety equipment giveaway

  1. Helen Dawson says:

    would hope everyone has these in their rentals +rentmoreweeks it is a must have item!

  2. I could not agree more +Helen Dawson

  3. Funnily enough or strangely enough, it wasn't one of the things that the inspector insisted on before giving us our rating!! We installed them anyhow.

  4. It's also important to test them regularly, many owners don't because they are hard to reach.

  5. That's why I think "Nest" come into their own. They text your mobile when the batteries need replacing. How cool is that?

  6. Very clever, that's why Google bought them 😀

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