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Airbnb, Organic Cyclists on Mobiles and Bounty Hunters.
Sometimes you couldn’t make it up…

At our homes in San Francisco and New York my wife and I have started to grow our own vegetables. They are much greener than those in the supermarkets, and some worker bees seem to prefer our organic crop over and above the maximum density, bulk yield , fields of the professionals. But local farmers have started to protest about us and other backyard and window box gardeners like us.
The New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman promised to protect the farming industry.

Ok, so I did make that up but bear with me.

Also a national bus company are up in arms because my wife and I have bicycles and cycle everywhere (we don’t like busses as they are all the same) The transport corporation say this isn’t fair as cycle owners don’t have the same overhead, safety regulations and don’t pay the same road tax.

Ok, so I made that up as well, hang in there.

Worse still, a national mobile phone network provider is threatening to take us to court because we tend to use Skype as it’s a cheaper option and has reduced our annual telecoms bill (they say they were providing calling services first and that Skype isn’t as safe).

Ok, so I did make all of that up but what if I decide to rent out a room or two in my house?

Read the rest of this article here http://rentmoreweeks.com/2014/05/02/airbnb-organic-cyclists-on-mobiles-and-bounty-hunters/

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4 thoughts on “There’s been a fair bit of unfair news regarding Airbnb this week – Here’s our take on it…

  1. Very good article. It would not be difficult for local authorities to start up a simple register for this type of accomodation. Here in Spain they are doing this already.

  2. Love the tongue-in-cheek style +rentmoreweeks. Had a guest comment only yesterday that having tried a holiday house for the first time this Easter there was no going back to hotel holidays! Airbnb is under attack because of changing booking habits…

  3. Thanks +Noosa Luxury Holiday Houses
    I'm not sure that hotels are under threat from the VR sector. You don't hear the bed and breakfast owners moaning. Each portion has fans and a client base, it's just that the hotel boys try bullying tactics and that gets my goat

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