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Interesting news and figures from Homeaway and Mr Sharples himself.
Here's a couple of things that caught our eye,
Sharples says. For most of his customers, who earn $28,000 a year in rentals on average, paying up front remains a better deal. The company says it has some 890,000 paid listings worldwide, which in 2013 generated $346 million in revenue, a 24% rise from a year earlier, and $18 million in net income.
Roughly 6% of HomeAway's properties are also listed on Airbnb
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HomeAway, the Airbnb alternative, grows quietly – Fortune Tech
The difference between HomeAway and its better known home rental rival? Profit.

4 thoughts on “Vacation rental industry news

  1. Steve Sasman says:

    I thought it interesting that the article was calling HomeAway the AirBnB alternative, when it's really the other way around as HA & VRBO have been around much longer…

  2. Jenny Oest says:

    I found this statement interesting:

    "But every time he tries to spiff up VRBO.com, the vacation rentals site, something confounding happens: Customers book fewer properties."

    Not to mention the screaming owners…

    If that's what's happening, then isn't HA moving in the wrong direction?

  3. Is Homeaway moving in any direction other than bigger?

  4. Goes along with the article I read this morning on Tnooz, which you also posted here (http://www.tnooz.com/article/tripadvisor-holidaylettings-get-tough/)

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