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How would you use Instagram for holiday rental marketing purposes? Here’s the second part of Kevin’s insight.

Kevin Riedel of Unrents.com joins us again this week 

In part one Kevin told us how to gain access to the Instagrammer’s that matter to us. This week he shows us what sort of photos work best for marketing your holiday rental.

Here’s what’s what:

Photo from mashable.com A property that absolutely kills it with Instagram is La Forêt Stevenson in La Conception, Quebec, Canada. Let’s take a look at some of their photos. Check out La Forêt Stevenson’s hot tub picture. There’s so much right going on in this picture… Steaming hot tub. Snow on the ground. Thermos filled with your favorite warm beverage. Two cups (one for you and one for someone special sharing the experience with you!) This shot shows an experience, not just a hot tub. Holiday rental marketing and Instagram   Then there’s this shot. Even if you’re not an avid hiker, you’re going to want to explore this pine forest. It’s strikingly beautiful and draws you in. It sure beats showing a lame shot of a trailhead. Vacation rental marketing and Instagram   I had the pleasure of speaking with Brittany Callaghan who handles promotion for La Forêt Stevenson. She told me why she decided to use Instagram… “We first decided to create an Instagram account because VRBO limited how many pictures we could upload to our profile. It gave us the opportunity to post photos that represent more than just the features of the home.” Brittany’s great use of Instagram is paying off. She told me about a recent guest who made the decision to rent La Forêt Stevenson because of Instagram. The guest, who was vacationing in La Conception to ski, decided against renting a property closer to the mountain in favor of living the experience conveyed via the La Forêt Stevenson Instagram feed. Check out the rest of La Forêt Stevenson’s Instagram photos and learn from them. http://instagram.com/laforetstevenson.

Kevin’s Instagram Marketing Takeaway

The vacation rental marketing takeaway  So there you have it. Use Instagram to find people who are spending time in your VR town. Engage them, draw them back to your feed, and load it with welcoming photos of the experience of staying in your house. Impress them enough, and you’ll get a call the next time they plan a vacation to the town where your VR located.  Kevin and I would like to say a special thanks to Brittany Callaghan for sharing her Instagram photos of La Forêt Stevenson. Visit http://www.laforetstevenson.com or http://www.vrbo.com/496107 for more information.

Kevin and I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on using Instagram to help market your holiday rental. Maybe you are already using Instagram and would like to share some of your images with us. Please use the comments box below to tell us what you think