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 Kevin Riedel of Unrents.com joins us again this week – We asked him, How would you use Instagram for holiday rental marketing purposes?

You never thought about using Instagram like this to promote your vacation rental.

I’m going to make a big claim here.  Ready for it?

Instagram is the most important social media platform for VR owners.

Here’s why:

Photo from mashable.com

Social media is mostly about bragging. People show the world how awesome their kids are. They show off their fitness achievements. And they show off their fancy cars.

You know it’s true.

A favourite brag topic of social media users is vacation. What’s better than flaunting to the world that you’re no longer being help captive in your cubicle – but rather, you’re on a beautiful beach?

Instagram’s highly visual nature and cool, artsy image filters make it the social media platform of choice for vacation braggers.

So what does this mean to a VR owner?

Instagram is loaded with hashtagged vacation photos. This is where your opportunity lies.

As a VR owner, you need to be regularly searching Instagram for photos tagged in the area where your property is located. Look for #CapeCod, #OldOrchardBeach, or #MarcoIsland… wherever your VR is located.

Let’s say your rental is in Martha’s Vineyard, MA and you do an Instagram search on #MarthasVineyard. In the results, you find a picture of a guy enjoying a plate of fried clams in a restaurant. The caption says “Dinner with the hubs at The Wharf Pub. #friedclams #marthasvineyard”

This is a perfect opportunity to engage. The best way to do this is to offer some of your “local” expertise. As a VR owner, you have knowledge of the area from all the time you’ve spent there.

Just proceed carefully… If you know anything about social media, you know there’s a certain etiquette that needs to be followed. Don’t jump on these people with a hard sale. Just make a relevant, useful comment.

To illustrate…

DO NOT comment like this: “I see you are in MVY, check out my house at www.my.house’s.homeaway.link.com

DO comment like this: “The Wharf rules! Chowder is to die for too. Try it next time. #ILoveMV”

Even a simple “I love the Wharf Pub” will do.

What you’re doing is acknowledging the person’s post. You’re sharing in the experience.  And you’re offering expertise. As a result, some of the people you interact with will now check out your VR Instagram profile.

To prepare for this visit, make sure your own Instagram house is in order. I personally don’t think Instagram is a social platform that needs daily “feeding.” What you do need to have is a set of photos highlighting the experience of staying in your home.

Fight the urge to take pictures of every room and every outdoor angle of your home. Save pictures like this for your Homeaway or AirBnB (or whatever you use) listing.


Kevin’s Instagram Marketing Takeaway

The vacation rental marketing takeaway 

It’s OK to have a couple of house pictures.
But I’m going to say it again – the photos on your feed should show the experience of staying in your home and the experience of vacationing in the area.
As a VR owner, you’ve spent a lot of time in the area and know lots of good insider stuff.
Share it here.
Show a picture of the farm stand down the street. Show a picture of your favorite beach. Show the gift basket you leave for your guests.
You know what’s good… show it!
The idea here is to show things that people are going to want to experience for themselves when they visit your rental.


Watch this space

Stay tuned for part two of Kevin’s Instagram marketing masterclass, next week on rentmoreweeks

 Kevin and I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on using Instagram to help market your holiday rental.
Maybe you are already using Instagram and would like to share some of your images with us.

Please use the comments box below to tell us what you think

2 thoughts on “Holiday Rental Marketing and Instagram

  1. Steve Sasman says:

    Interesting post Kevin! I need to hop in Instagram and check it out…used it a tiny bit personally, but worth checking out for the VR biz! It’s definitely an image friendly business, so we all should step up our Instagram and Pinterest games.

    1. Kevin Riedel says:

      Thanks for commenting, Steve. You nailed it… image-friendly business. And because so many people love to share vacation photos, the opportunities are huge!

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