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Holiday Rental Marketing Footprints… The Trail Continues….


So, in part one of this tale of the trail we spoke about footprints and outlined the reasons to be leaving as many as possible, right across the web.

This week we put on some shoes and walk a little further

It’s a numbers game…

Google was born in 1998 and is only 15 years old.  When it first started it indexed a “total” of 26 million pages (that’s quite a lot of stuff). That was 26 million footprints and the G men went to a lot of trouble taking plaster casts of every print, every day. They also cataloged each and every one of those prints.

Let’s whizz forward in time.  As of this morning Google has classified 191 million “holiday rental” impressions alone and that’s just today. They still do all that field work too. Hunting, tracking, detecting and deducting.

So, if you own a beach rental and you advertise solely on, say, Homeaway you have left a few footprints in the sand leading to your door but no matter how pristine the beach is, your prints are almost invisible among the other 191 million impressions in the sand.

If your rental owning neighbour leaves twice as many prints as you do, the folks at Google rate her twice as highly as you. If your prints are old and hers are fresh… I’m sure you get the picture.

Let’s put some shoes on these feet…

Back in the late 90’s there weren’t too many shoe manufacturers around. You had owners-direct in Europe and VRBO stateside and a number of smaller shoe shops dotted around.

Holiday rental owners rarely made their own shoes.

  Home made shoes at last (sic)

Then along came social media and presented us, rental owners, with design and make shoe production methods for the masses.

We’ve all made some and tried them on.

The problem with these shoes is the prints they leave are washed away by the huge influx of tide they themselves create.

If you Tweet something, that Tweet is buried under 100,000 Tweets within one minute. If you walk into Facebook’s offices wearing muddy shoes and post an article, that mess on the carpet is gone by the following day and worse still it was invisible to most holiday hunters and the G men themselves.

Google puts the boot in…

Then, not long ago, Google themselves started offering, not shoes but, boots. These boots are very different.
They are in fact, Plus sized, heavy duty smart shoes, they’re made to measure, so they fit well, and the prints they leave are instantly traceable.

They look good too (and you can’t say that about the lightweight Twitter flipflop).

Better still they leave indelible prints that last forever. 

Think about that for a moment.

This is the equivalent of electronic tagging, with high level surveillance, allowing our movements to be constantly monitored and immediately noticed.

Just what you want when you’re trying to attract a trail of followers.


Here’s the holiday rental marketing takeaway…

The vacation rental marketing takeaway

If you do nothing else this week head over to Google Plus and try breaking in a pair of their boots. They’ll have your name on.


Join us next week for the next footprint instalment where we teach you the two step.

I would love to hear your views. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Rental Marketing Footprints… The Trail Continues

  1. Maria Rekrut says:

    I’m looking to find out on how to put on my “boots”

  2. Jean Jackson says:

    Not quite sure how Google will like my boots better than the other xxx million boots out there – am finding the language of sharing, posting, tagging etc quigte hard to get my head round. does anyone else have this problem?

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Hello Jean,

      Imagine that you take a photo of a cafe, with your phone, near your apartment and you upload it to your G+ page.
      That’s you posting it, a bit like posting a postcard.
      If you find a someone else’s photo of a cafe in Monaco, you can share that photo to your page or you can share it with others.
      You can name both photos so you can remember which is which. This is tagging them. Photos can have more than one tag.
      So your photo could be tagged #cafe #cafenice #nice
      The other photo could be tagged #cafe #cafemonaco #monaco

      If you were searching through your photos you could search for #cafe and you would see both photos.
      If you were searching through your photos for all of your photos of Nice you could search #nice and your cafe photo would be included with all of the other photos tagged #nice

      Hope that helps

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