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Time in a vacation rental is 100% perishable.

Think about that for a second…
If a day in a vacation property doesn’t sell, it’s gone forever.
Vacation home owners don’t have the luxury of tangible products like retailers. If a product sits in a store for too long, a retailer can gradually drop a price until the product sells. Someone will eventually snap it up. Even expired fruit can be eaten the next day.
Cut off the mould, and you’re good to go. Well, maybe not.
But you get the point. So when vacation home owners have holes in their calendars during peak seasons, many choose to lower rates in order to keep occupancy maximised. This usually happens at the last minute – three to four weeks out from the rental date. Most owners offer discounts in the 10-20% range. And renters love these last minute deals. Even if a renter saves just $200 on a rental, that’s $200 more to spend in the vacation fun fund (say that five time fast).

All in all, lowering rates to help sell unrented weeks is good business sense.

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Discounting Unrented Weeks. Smart Way to Maximise Occupancy? Or Invitation For Bad Tenants?
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