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Part one – Watch where you step. 

Anywhere on the web (listing site, webpage, blog article, social media post, photo, tweet, etc.) that leads back to, or mentions, your holiday rental property is a digital footprint or a touch point. If you are reading this online you are standing in one of my footprints.

Each listings company that you advertise with leaves around 6 or so footprints leading to your property. You have your main (overview) page, then there are other sub pages such as your photographs, amenities, map, calendar and reviews pages. Six footprints are not a large number of footprints.

 Footprints – The more the merrier (for Google).

I’m not sure if you know but Google has OCD  –  and it counts footprints.

It can’t help itself. It’s virtually all it has to go on.

It spends all day looking for tracks. If you only advertise your property with one or two listings sites Google only sees a few footprints and it worries, it show signs of apprehension, it can’t put together an informed picture. It can’t follow your trail.

If you actively leave more prints (especially on social media), if you walk a long, continuos, path across the sand Agent Google can far better determine where you are coming from and where you are going.

You want Google to know where your whereabouts.


Footprints – A trackers guide


Some footprints are deeper than others.

Google ranks footprints by depth. The heavyweight listing companies will leave a deeper impression than, say, a lightweight Tweet, but the thing to bear in mind is… they all add up.


The age of footprints.

The older the footprint, the less interested Google becomes in it (with the odd exception). It’s a bit like newspapers – yesterdays news is not news – it’s history (and that’s not as interesting as news).

Think of this as if you are actually walking along the beach. If your footprints trail off and stop, the search engines will presume that you are tired, warn out, bored or dead.

If you produce fresh footprints each day they will determine that you are  alive, fit and healthy. They will pay attention to where you are going.


Some footprints leave more of a detailed impression than others.

If you look carefully at some footprints you can see a degree of detail.   Not only can you see the detailed tread but you can see the make of the shoe and the shoe size. Detail is important to those tracking footprints and those leaving them. (more on this in part two)

Footprints – The more the merrier (for guests).

here's a clue

It’s not what you know. It’s not even who you know any more.

It’s who knows you that counts…

In the most basic terms, the more footprints that you leave across the web the more likely people are to come across them. This is why it pays to advertise on as many listing sites as possible. It pays to hunt down “free to advertise” sites and list your property. It pays to put your photos on sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Pinterest and Instagram.

It pays to get your digital self out and about.

It pays to leave an impression. It pays to stomp right across social media.


Here’s the vacation rental takeaway

The vacation rental marketing takeaway

There is a killer on the loose.
This killer is murdering “list it and they will come” vacation rental owners.
The bodies are stacking up.
Those owners that don’t get out much are the most at risk.

Google is looking for clues.

Stay tuned for further developments in Part two… Coming next week.

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  1. Michael says:

    Yes, Alan, an entertaining way to get our attention.
    I hope in the second part you mention time management and how to the most effective places to leave tracks.

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