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Vacation Rental Marketing – Auctioning Unsold Weeks

We came across a new website this week that auctions empty vacation rental weeks and we like the idea so we thought that we would bring it to your attention.

Any port in a storm

Those of you that follow this website know that we put a lot of sway in going all out to sell empty weeks in upcoming months (see our vacation rental monthly marketing plan for more on this). We covered classified advertizing websites in the past but this site, Unrents.com, is dedicated to auctioning vacation rental accommodation and we have negotiated a 50% discount off your first booking fee with site owner Kevin Riedel.

Some holiday makers are hell bent on getting a deal and will only look to book a vacation through a classified or auction site. If you are an owner that offers short notice deals you could well snare these types of customers by placing an advert with an auction site like unrents.



unrents.com A new auction site for holiday rentals

We spoke to Kevin about why he chose to start an auction site, his pricing and some discount for our readers. Here’s what he said, “I chose to use auction pricing because it creates excitement, urgency, and competitiveness in buyers. It also eliminates buyers from procrastinating. It’s just an extra touch to help improve a home owner’s odds of selling the unrented time.” “Home owners pay no money up front to list on UnRents.com. If their weeks sells, we will invoice them for $149. If  their week does not sell, we charge them nothing. My personal position on this is “Why should I get paid if I didn’t do my job?”” “I’m happy to offer a 50% discount to all your readers on their first successful listing on the site — so that’s $75 off.

When any of your readers reply to their initial invoice e-mail and say,

I read about you on Rent More Weeks” they will be re-invoiced for $75?”


Planet vacation rentals



Once we started writing this article we started searching for more vacation rental marketing auction sites and found this, more established, one.
Here’s what they have to say;

You’ve heard of Ebay right? Well…. think of Planet Vacation Rentals as the Ebay of Vacation Rental Homes by Owner. Many home owners are willing to be flexible with their rates. After all, some rent is better than none right? So we offer, to every property owner, the ability to list last minute deals, off season discounts and peak summer cancellations auction style. So don’t be shy, put in your best offer for the vacation house of your dreams. What’s the worst that could happen? Thay say No. No problem, try again…… Happy Bidding!

You can make your advert as simple or as complicated as you like and best of all it’s free to advertise.

Here’s the vacation rental review takeaway

The vacation rental marketing takeaway

Short notice weeks.

When it comes to vacation rental marketing and selling the maximum number of weeks you can, there is no magic bullet.
It comes down to hard work and covering a lot of ground.
Listing on an auction site with those short notice weeks is another string to the VR owners bow.
Personally we think it’s worth a try.

High season strategy.

For high season you could put your home up for auction and let the demand for the property dictate how much your house is worth during that time period.
Under “normal” circumstances you advertise your holiday home with one of the listings companies and take a booking from the first potential guest that agrees to that price.
If you auction the same weeks you could well get more money per week. With a minimum bid structure acting as a safety net you can’t lose out.
Personally we think it’s worth a try.

What do you do?

I hope that you found this article – Vacation Rental Marketing – Auctioning Unsold Weeks useful.

Have you ever tried auctioning your rental?

I would love to hear your stories and views.
Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.


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3 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Marketing – Auctioning Unsold Weeks (Updated)

  1. This is a brilliant idea! I run women-only retreats on a private property in Marrakech, Morocco and am not filled all year round, but would like to fill up the dates whenever I don’t have a Harem retreat. Auctioning the empty spots would be perfect. The estate is too stunning to be empty, and it’s better to rent for a little bit less and fill up, then just letting it sit there. Bravo!

    1. Kevin Riedel says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Sandra. Your property is beautiful. It’s a great concept and I love that you give 80% (!!!) of your profits to a charity that helps local girls with their education and careers. Very cool!

      I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you!

  2. Helen Dawson says:

    Great idea, and always worth a try.

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