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Relax – stop working and take a holiday

The trouble with the vacation rental business is that it’s all business and very little vacation.
That’s why we have teamed up with IVHE.com.
International vacation home exchange is just that, a home exchange for vacation rental owners.

Just imagine

Sightseeing in Paris
Getting pampered in Bali
Skiing in Colorado
Wine tasting in South Africa
Diving in Australia
Sailing in turquoise seas
Putting on perfect greens around the world

All for a fraction of the cost of renting…


Breathe a new lease of life into your vacation rental property with non-simultaneous home exchanging

You may not have realised it, but your vacation rental home is a powerful asset: a bargaining tool that can be used against the cost of your own holidays all over the world.
Easy: by joining up with a non-simultaneous home exchange network. Members of a non-simultaneous home exchange or home swapping network typically own two or more properties, and let their vacation homes to other members in return for credits which can then be used against other properties in the network. Traditionally, home exchanging is rather rigid, with participants agreeing to swap homes on a mutually agreed date, but when done through a non-simultaneous programme, such as the well-established IVHE, members get a set of keys to the whole world.

When Mr A wants to visit your vacation home in June, you get credits that can be used against Mr X’s vacation home in September. Or Mr Z’s in July! For anyone with a vacation rental property, it can be a godsend, and help take the strain off those weeks that a property might otherwise be standing empty.

Here’s why:

Extra money for you: home exchanging your vacation rental home means that your property can be used when it might be standing empty, and by lending it to a fellow member you get to holiday in numerous countries all over the world at a hugely reduced cost. Add to that the fact that home swaps are not subject to tax, and that’s extra spending money for you when you’re on your next vacation.

Give your vacation home a break, guilt free: if you regularly use your rental property for your own vacations, you’ll no longer feel the obligation to go and “get your money’s worth”. A non simultaneous home exchange means that every time someone stays at your property, you will earn credits to stay at any available property within the network. Just the thing for holiday home owners who have begun to yearn for somewhere new.



International vacation home exchange

International vacation home exchange


A secure service: as well as the reassurance of having someone stay in your property when it might otherwise be empty, by using a well-established luxury home trade/exchange service you get the peace of mind of professional house exchange contracts, references on your guests and feedback.

Trade partners you can trust: when looking for a home exchange programme to join, it pays to select one which caters specifically to people with second homes. IVHE, for example, is exclusively available to people with two or more properties, which means that you will be home exchanging with other owners who understand your concerns and will take care of the property as if it were their own.

 Inside information: when you stay in another member’s holiday home, it comes with insider information about your destination. Things like a favourite neighbourhood restaurant and local attractions/beauty spots that won’t be found in any guidebook.

 The personal touch: luxury home trade/exchange sites like IVHE work hard to find the right properties and the right house swap for you, actively searching out properties to suit your requirements.


For more information on exchanging your rental property or for information on home swapping in general visit www.ivhe.com.
IVHE members have access to luxury-staffed villas, yachts, ski lodges, boutique hotels, even safari game lodges. A versatile credit system based on non-simultaneous exchanges gives members access to an increasingly broad selection of choice properties. Add to that highly individual and personal service given to all members, and IVHE is the first choice for luxury

For fast acting relief, try slowing down…

We have posted previously about home swaps and we know that some of you had reservations about the idea.
But we like this site as it involves swapping with other, like minded, vacation rental owners.
Plus the credit system induces a sense of fairness, something that was lacking in other models. Check it out.

Here’s the holiday let takeaway

The vacation rental marketing takeaway

If you like the idea of trading your empty vacation rental weeks for a vacation of your own then head over to www.ivhe.com, have a look around and sign up.

Choose from 498 properties (including 191 properties in 35 US States) in 57 countries.

Who knows, maybe you will be getting pampered in Bali later this year.

What do you do?

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