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We came across this photo while browsing the web (sorry but not sure where we found it as we lost the link) and it REALLY caught our eye.

Here is the photo


perfect vacation rental photo

This could be the perfect breakfast shot.

Holiday rental photography at it’s best.

The following excerpt is from our very own “Food and drink guide” – The art of micro staging.

You may not serve breakfast, you probably don’t, but your guests will have breakfast every day at your house.

Show them where they can do this, ideally alfresco.

Are you using attraction marketing in your efforts to tempt more guests into staying with you?

Add something like this image to your portfolio and nail more bookings.

What are your vacation rental photographs like?

Come on show us yours.

Would you like to enter other images for this weekly blog?

Send us your photos, your name and a link to your property and each week we will pick the best from those sent.

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