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Vacation Rental Marketing – Food For Thought

Don’t be a lemon…
I came across this “vacation rentals rock” infographic form coralvistaroatan.com this week and thought I would share it with you all.
Have a read and see below why it’s worth studying…

Here it is


Here’s the vacation rental marketing¬† takeaway

The vacation rental marketing takeaway

Lots of facts and figures.

As you can see there are a lot of facts and figures above, but I wanted to focus on just two of them.

Statistic no. 1

29% (of VR guests) almost always stay in the same rental, year after year.

So, nurture your existing client list and you could inking in bookings year after year.
Easy money.
Send birthday cards. Send Christmas cards. Send a newsletter. Send a what’s on calendar.
Keep in touch via Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Twitter.

Statistic no. 2

80% would book a last minute VR if they found a great deal.

As we said in the last couple of articles “people love a deal”. They can’t help themselves.
Offer deals. Short notice deals. Buy a week, get a week free. Throw in a rental car. Offer a free welcome pack.
Stimulate the market.
Fire off some classified adverts. Auction some weeks (Click the links to read other articles on these matters)

Don’t be a lemon (albeit a pretty lemon) – make full use of these to facts in your vacation rental marketing efforts.

What do you do?

I hope that you found this article –¬†Vacation Rental Marketing – Food For Thought useful.

What do you do to get past guests to rebook?

What deals are you offering?

I would love to hear your stories and views.
Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.


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5 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Marketing – Food For Thought

  1. Curt Tudor says:

    Hi Alan,

    Interesting stats. Do you know how they’re we’re derived? For example, what data backs up the assertion that 29% stay at the same VR year after year? I try to understand where insights like these come from so I can produce similar items for the VR community.

  2. DEB SMITH says:

    To get renters to return, I offer to keep the rate the same every year when they return. I have one family on their third year.

    Also I found that adding cleaning to the charges makes them feel the price is over the top
    I leave a welcome package, bottle of wine and 4 bottles of water for the beach, coffee, spices, well stocked kitchen, some fruit, popcorn and candy so they don’t have to run out to the store when they arrive after a long trip
    I supply everything they need including extra sweatshirts, windbreakers etc because every time I go on a trip I end up having to buy one.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Wow… if I supplied all the food you suggest above I would go broke,
    I have a 5-bedroom home that will sleep 12 and do supply normal spices and coffee, there is no way I would include the other things mentioned.
    Also, how do you assume people drink wine??

    Just saying…

  4. Louise Brace says:

    Nice infographic. I am going to do a survey and ask the same for Europe. I’ll share it with you when I have the results.

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Good idea Louise, I look forward to seeing your results

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