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Vacation Rental Marketing – This Is Classified

Here we continue our series of how and where vacation rental owners can advertise their vacation rentals for free and this week we are looking at classified advertising.
As we wrote in a previous article (vacation-rentals-monthly-marketing-plan) there is a huge advantage in advertising short notice weeks. That is, weeks that are not booked in the coming two months and these weeks lend themselves very well to classified advertising.

Here’s why this works.

The major classified websites draw huge amounts of daily visitors.
These visitors are used to buying online.
These visitors are looking for a bargain.
Discounted vacation rentals attract these types of visitors.
There are added advantages too,
A visitor may look at your property but not be able to take advantage of the offer but book other weeks at the full rental price (this has happened to me).
Others may just tell a friend of the great “buy one week, get a second week free” deal they just saw online.

Anyway here are six of the major classified sites;

1. craigslist

1. craigslist.com

Vacation rental marketing on craigslist

Ok, so it’s not the prettiest of websites but it is the granddaddy of the classifieds.
Craigslist gets visits from around 40.8 Million people per month.
For the hard of hearing that’s over a million people a day.
And some of those people go on holiday! Some are actually looking for a holiday. Offer a deal and who knows?
I know that some of you are saying “we’ve heard bad things about scams” but my thinking is like this – If you advertise your property here then that bursts the scammer’s bubble. That would show up as the same property listed twice, ring alarm bells for renters and that would put a scammer off. (That’s how I see it anyway)

2. Gumtree

3. gumtree.com

villa rentals on gumtree.com

For those of you with properties in Europe or those looking for European guests then Gumtree.com may well be worth a look.
According to some figures this site gets in excess of half a million visitors a day and although some of these people may well be looking for a second hand fridge freezer some may be looking to get away from it all.
Once again it’s free to advertise on so what have you got to lose?

3. Classifiedads

3. classifiedads.com

try classified ads for vacation rental marketing

I haven’t tried this site but once again they are high up in Google, get lots of traffic and are free to advertise with.
Why not give them a go with a tempting deal in the coming weeks (30% off, free car hire, etc)
I can’t believe that you are full through March, so give it a go.

4. Olx

4. olx.com

Olx may be good for renting more weeks

Once again I don’t know this site but many do and use it often so it may well help with filling those empty weeks.

5. Backpage

5. http://backpage.com

Try selling on backpage

After last weeks article on free vacation rental listings sites, Linda Newton wrote to me saying –

Thank you. Mostly, other free websites I’ve found haven’t brought me any inquiries. Only “Back Page” brought me one.

So if it worked for Linda maybe it could work for you as well.
Apparently this site is worth  $ 31,834,404 so they must be doing something right and that means traffic and lots of it, so why not point some of that traffic in your direction.


6. Ebay classifieds

6. http://www.ebayclassifieds.com/


Try selling your vr on ebay

If you fancy giving  classified adverts a try then you would be remiss to miss Ebay classifieds (also known as kijiji.com, although I don’t know why as it just redirects to ebayclassifieds)
So many people think ebay when looking for a deal. The brand is huge. So why not discount your next empty week or two and flag it up with the auction giant.
As with all of these sites it’s free and doesn’t take long to post an ad once you have registered.

Here’s the vacation rental review takeaway

vacation rental review takeaway

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface as far as, “free to advertise”, classified sites are concerned.
For more sites check out this list-of-top-100-best-free-classifieds.
Don’t forget to make a “standard” advert, so that you only need to change the available dates and the price each time you post an ad.
Make your life easy. Keep this standard ad in a file with your correctly sized photos, contact details, etc.
Where possible add an Esignature link to your website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

Why not take a punt and post six or so adverts for your next empty weeks?
Try those above and maybe one that is a little more local to your property as some potential guests may search on a more parochial level.

What do you do?

I hope that you found this article – Vacation Rental Marketing – This Is Classified useful.
You may like to follow rentmoreweeks.com at one of the places below, that way you won’t miss out on other articles made for owners just like you.

Are you using any FREE to advertise classified websites?
What’s the best one that you have found?

I would love to hear your views.
Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Vacation Rental Marketing – This Is Classified

  1. Alan Egan says:

    Erin from myvr.com kindly wrote and said;

    With Craigslist you can you through periods of time with no inquiries and some where you get tons. Depending on where your rental is located, your ad will expire after 45 days, but some major cities expire after 7 days. You can renew your post every 48 hours up to 30 days. After that, you can repost your ad. Renewing and reposting keeps it fresh at the top of the search results so be sure to set reminders for yourself.

    There are some additional steps I wrote to getting started with Craigslist (http://blog.myvr.com/2012/08/16/craigslist-advertising/)that you can check out on the blog. Many of our customers are seeing great results from Craigslist, but it does take some work and patience.

  2. jody west says:

    Hi Alan–I’ve enjoyed your posts and your “week” concept. In Winter Park, Colorado…labor costs dictate paying over $200 to service a 4 bedroom property after renters check-out, so weekly rentals are really nice. I’ve gone to 30+ day rentals on my own Cabin, because then lodging taxes and other local government nuisances generally don’t apply (and there seems to be a market for families wanting seasonal rentals, both for ski season and summer/autumn biking, where bringing equipment home after weekends is a pain). I’ll keep following you, and maybe come up with my own “rent more months” concept! –Jody West, GRI

    P.S. Advertising costs are also reduced when you only need about 10 renters annually.

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Hello Jody,

      Thanks for getting in touch and I’m glad you like the site. It’s nice to hear that you are doing well on the renting front. I used to rent for 3 or 4 months in Portugal in low season to retired couples. They were always glad to get away from the colder weather in northern Europe. It worked out well. One check in, one check out. They even did their own laundry and paid electricity at cost. Everyone was happy. They came every year.
      I like your website. The videos made me smile, which I guess is the idea.

      Thanks again Alan

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