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Villa Rental Photography – Photo Of The Week – No 12

This week we have a “masterclass of a photo” for you to feast your eyes on.
Many owners attempt this type of photo without giving it too much thought so we thought we would show you how to nail it.

Colour is key

This photo is so good on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to start, so let’s start by having a look at it.


Here’s the photo

Villa Rental Photography

This weeks photo comes from http://www.theluberon.com/rentals

We have featured photos from this site before and photographer Paolo De Paolis has a great eye for detail and style and both shine through here.
Many owners set a dining table with a few plates, wine glasses and some cutlery and yet fail to capture any degree of temptation.
Here’s how it should be done.
1. First off the tablecloth attracts the eye, adds colour and leads you into the photo with it’s stripes.
2. The photo is taken close to the table so it conveys details. (like the olives)
3. The row of red flowers are just gorgeous, again, they boost colour and add a touch of class.
4. The candle sticks and the bottles of wine dress the set perfectly.
5. The door is open, leading into the house.


What are your vacation rental photographs like?

If you want to take some photos like this of your holiday home and need a little inspiration then we have just the guide for you.

micro staging for villa rental photography

This guide looks at food and drink and the micro staging all types of tables, inside and out.
Take a little time to take a few powerful images, like an alfresco breakfast for example,
and see conversions shoot up.

It deals with breakfast shots, kitchen photos, barbecue images and poolside, bedside and dining tables. There are over 50 full colour examples and real life vacation rental photo makeovers to learn from.

Improve and expand your online images, raise the bar and rent more weeks.

Click on the image above for full details


Come on show us yours.

Would you like to enter other images for this weekly blog?

Send us your photos, your name and a link to your property and each week we will pick the best from those sent.

Tell us what you like, or don’t like, about this weeks photo or your own thoughts on this subject, using the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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2 thoughts on “Villa Rental Photography – Photo Of The Week – No 12

  1. Hey, I just saw your site and good for you with your yacht! I usually do not converse too much with photographers but looks like you are having fun.That is it nothing too deep or interesting.

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for the comment.
      You don’t have to be too deep or interesting. I’m flattered that you took the time to drop me a line especially as you don’t normally chat to photographers. It’s not all fun as we are currently repainting the yacht as the last 10,000 miles took away some of her shine.
      PS. Love your work (as I’m sure you know) and would like to feature one of your photos in the “photo of the week”


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