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Vacation Rental ~ Photo Of The Week – Wk.10

Sorry for the break in transmission regarding our photo of the week articles.

We bit of more than we could chew over Christmas and have not have the time to do all of the things that we normally do.
Anyway we are back.

Here’s a photo that’s a little different. Well, it’s quite a bit different actually.

Here’s the photo…



Standing out from the crowd.

This weeks photo comes from http://pinterest.com/pin/250794272971106191/

You may well be thinking “why have we chosen this photo?” (it may not even be a VR photo)
The reason is this – We came across a similar photo on Tumblr that had been shared 10’s of thousands of times.

How mad is that?
But it goes to show that a photo like this is appealing and from a marketing point of view we need appealing photos.
Plus bath tubs are very difficult to show well.
I have tried everything from filling them with bubble bath and colouring the water to adding rose petals and nothing really does the job of showing them well.
The same goes for hot tubs. They always look vaguely sad when empty. They always look a lot more  fun  when in use.

So if you have a bath, or hot tub, maybe you would like to try taking a photo like this one and adding it to your online portfolio.

We would love to see your legs photos, so send us your photos and we will give one of our guides away to the taker of the best image.

What are your vacation rental photographs like?

Come on show us yours.

Would you like to enter other images for this weekly blog?

Send us your photos, your name and a link to your property and each week we will pick the best from those sent.

Tell us what you like, or don’t like, about this weeks photo or your own thoughts on this subject, using the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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