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Holiday Let ~ Photo Of The Week – Wk.6

You know that I normally write a little about why I have chosen each particular photo of the week. Sometimes it’s because of technical reasons, sometimes it’s because it will enhance an online portfolio, sometimes it’s because other owners can replicate the photo and gain extra bookings.

Well this week I have chosen the winning photo for no other reason than… I JUST LIKE IT.

To be honest it’s just a super cute property. A gorgeous gite.

Check it out…

Here’s the photo…


photo of the week

Pretty fairy tale place eh?

Pretty cute. It could well be the “little kittens” of the holiday let world.

Anyway I like it. If you like it too and you fancy a week or so here then contact http://www.holidayletexchange.com and ask about Cherne.

This 6 bedroom (only joking, one bedroom really) french farmhouse (Gite) sleeps 2 – 4 guests.

Standing out from the crowd.

I’m not too sure what caught my eye really. It is cute as I said, but the sky is blue and the grass is green and I also like the purple door and shutter. It all helps

What are your vacation rental photographs like?

Come on show me yours.

Would you like to enter other images for this weekly blog?

Send us your photos, your name and a link to your property and each week we will pick the best from those sent.

Tell us what you like, or don’t like, about this weeks photo or your own thoughts on this subject, using the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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3 thoughts on “Holiday Let ~ Photo Of The Week – Wk.6

  1. http://www.holidayletexchange.com/holiday/let/21

    Thank-you for sharing the photo & your kind comments what a lovely surprise on my return home on a Friday evening đŸ™‚

    As an aside this is probably one of our only good photos…but do have plans to get a ‘round tuit’ & replacing others (have read & absorbed all your great tips).

    I reckon 80% of our enquiries are for this photograph! The enquiries being anything from a couple to a group of 12 wanting to stay in its one bedroom LOL…

    I do usually manage to persuade larger numbers of guests to stay in one of the two larger cottages opposite offering more space & comfort and then they may enjoy the view of Chene from across the garden! ;oD


    1. Alan Egan says:

      My pleasure Nicole, thanks for getting in touch.

      Good luck with the new photos. Maybe you would like to share them once you have taken them.

      Thanks again


  2. Lucky you to get such a blue sky in the photo. Sometimes the sky blows out to white, making the photo look dull and lifeless. I also think the straight on angle adds to it’s fairytale storybook look. Just from that picture, I can visualize and fantasize about a dreamy vacation!

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