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Villa Rental Photography ~ Photo Of The Week – Wk.5

I have chosen this weeks winning vacation rental photo not because it is the best villa rental photo I have ever seen, In fact it doesn’t even show a villa rental.

“He’s lost the plot”, I hear you say. Bear with me.

I have chosen it because so few owners show a photo like this that it stood out.

As you know, I am always harping on about the necessity of standing out from the crowd.

Now the thing was that I had about 6 photos that I had shortlisted for this weeks photo of the week. I had an unusual kitchen photo, a lovely bedroom detail, a great garden table set for lunch and a couple of other eye-catching shots but I chose this one above the others because any owner/s can replicate a photo like this, add it to their online collection and benefit from it’s addition.

Here’s the photo…

Let’s cut to the chase…

Brenda Schoenfeld

Meet the owner – Brenda Schoenfeld



Standing out from the crowd.

Meet Brenda Schoenfled. She owns Joya (Joya is the Spanish word for jewel) and this contemporary gem is nestled into the scenic Florentine hills, a short 15 minute ride from the center of the renaissance Italian city. Brenda is a very well known jewellery designer and works in both silver and gold.

You can visit her website here to see some lovely photos of Joya and learn more about her.

The thing is that we live in an age of social media. I believe that you will have more enquiries if you include a “meet the owner/s” photo. It’s inclusion into your portfolio builds trust and trusting, informed, web visitors book. So don’t be shy, wait for a sunny day, buy a bowl of fresh fruit and get a friend to take 30 or so photos of you and your husband, wife or partner if you have one (remember to smile for the camera). Include your children if you like. Show your friend, that’s taking the photos, this photo beforehand so they have an idea of what they are trying to achieve. Then choose the best photo and upload it.
Be social.

What are your vacation rental photographs like?

Are you showing a “meet the owner/s” photo in your portfolio? Dare you to share it here!

Would you like to enter other images for this weekly blog?

Send us your photos, your name and a link to your property and each week we will pick the best from those sent.

Tell us what you like, or don’t like, about this weeks photo or your own thoughts on this subject, using the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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2 thoughts on “Villa Rental Photography ~ Photo Of The Week – Wk.5

  1. Carol Livingstone says:

    On the page below is my “about the owner” prose and photo I use — a picture of me and my brothers as children on the boardwalk near my house. My house appeals to families with children, so I thought this would be a fun way to appeal to them as well as to show that I’ve been in this town all my life.

    Here I am at age 10 with my two brothers on a windy Easter Sunday on the Ocean Grove boardwalk.
    Carols owner photograph

    About the owner,

    “A little about the owner: My father’s parents operated Livingstone Lodge, a resort on Mascoma Lake in Enfield, NH for about 50 years, so innkeeping is in my genes. My mother’s grandparents visited Ocean Grove every year for vacation, and my grandmother and her sister operated a B&B here for many years. Now that my grandson has wandered the Ocean Grove beach and dabbled his toes in the Atlantic Ocean, you could say we are a six-generation Ocean Grove family. I’d been coming to Ocean Grove all my life, and could not imagine a better place to move to when I retire from the University of Illinois. When a house just a few doors down from my mother’s came on the market, I couldn’t resist. The house actually was owned by my grandmother’s cousin for many years, so it seemed right to bring it back into the family. I’ve remodeled the house extensively, updating it and furnishing it to be the kind of house I’d like to retire to. Until that day, I love to welcome families and other groups to my home to kick back, relax, and experience an Ocean Grove vacation.”


    1. Alan Egan says:

      That’s fantastic Carol, I added the photo to your comment so others could see it at a glance. Not only is it fun (it made me chuckle), but as you say, it shows that you have a history with the town and you convey a sense of humor too. Absolutely great.
      It’s a really lovely story too. I fancy a visit myself!
      Have guests and potential guests commented on it?

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