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The vacation rental rant

Going mental with the rental?


Nearly another rental year is over so I thought that I would start a new spot on the website called Rental Rant.


Rental Rant, where owners can rage about the things that drive then wild.


Have you had crazy, oddball, screwy guests?

Suffering from unfair reviews?

Does your listings company drive you to distraction?

Got forum fever?

Is your property manager pushing you over the edge?

Are you showing symptoms of cleaners chaos?


Whatever it is, get it off your chest and rant about it with us.

Maybe you just want to share a funny story. Make us chuckle.


Don’t hold it in – Spit it out
So, Drop us a line using our contact page.
Names and addresses will be withheld upon request
I will be giving prizes (FREE GUIDES) away for the owners whose stories we print.


2 thoughts on “The Vacation Rental Rant

  1. Alan Egan says:

    msdebj sent us this rant,

    Oh, I’ve had some goofy ones! Though I try to forget them!!! All and all things tend to work out in the long run. My biggest pet peeve is the renter who bombards me with emails, phone calls, special requests, etc. I’m nice and reply to their concerns. All I ever ask in return is that they let me know via text, call or email that they’ve gotten inside ok and found all well. My experience has been that THOSE type of renters are LEAST likely to comply with my request. I’ve yet to figure out the mind set of that type!

    My worst experience was last 4th of July. My guests were a bit odd, but oh well. On the night of the 4th they called & left a message saying a sister (approved guest) had fallen down the stairs and they needed a late check out the next day. I couldn’t reach them via phone or email or text. You can imagine, I was a bit frantic! I left a message saying they would have until 1:00pm ( extra 2 hrs.) but I had people arriving that evening My housekeeper arrives at 1:00pm, and they were all highly intoxicated, and just taking their time packing up. Housekeeper told them I’d been trying to reach them to discuss the matter. As it turned out, the stairs the guest had fallen down were the steps on the beach!!!! (thank goodness, not at our home!!!). These people were there for 3 nights, and left behind 5 empty liquor bottles and cases of empty beer cans. AND they were all over 50 years old!! But, they left a good review. I ‘ve often wondered if they even remembered where they were!!

  2. Alan Egan says:

    And noo-noo sent us this rant,

    Very new to this (started August 1st) and enjoying it but … WHY would anyone write a snotty note after telling me when they left that they wanted to write a rave review? The email berated me for not having a folding luggage rack so she could better “live out of her suitcase” in a two-bedroom apartment with two enormous dressers and two full closets. And (obviously my fault I guess) did not notice that the fancy embroidered pillow shams had zippers with pressed white pillowcases underneath so gave me heck as she got up in the morning with the imprint of the embroidery on her face. And then never writes the “rave” review.

    Why would anyone go into my garden shed, (now padlocked!), remove my $1200 mountain bike and bring it back with a flat tire and covered in mud? WHO ON EARTH when it is clearly explained in the listings that there is “ample street parking in front of the house” parks in my carport and when I object tells me “well I’m paying your *&*( mortgage, aren’t I?”

    Funniest yet – I am absolutely TERRIFIED of the people from India who are coming for Christmas. The listing mentioned we are 10 minutes from the outdoor pool at UBC and 5 minutes from the indoor pool at Lord Byng High School. They emailed to say that, since it is winter and the outdoor pool will be cold, will they have access to the indoor pool IN THE HOUSE????? Good God, where do they think they are coming to? Obviously can’t read or didn’t look at the pictures. How many times in the listing do I have to say “two bedroom garden apartment”? Anyway, promptly took all references to pools off the listing.

    More to come, I am sure.

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