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Vacation Rental Photography ~ Photo Of The Week – Wk.4

I have chosen this weeks winning vacation rental photo not because it is the best vacation rental photo I have ever seen.

I have chosen it because it is different. Very different.

As you know, I am always harping on about the necessity of standing out from the crowd, of appealing to niche markets, and this photo is certainly aimed at a niche market.
One that certainly hadn’t occurred to me before.
Owners Jim and Lynn say that their Whisper Rock Victorian Dreams home is Haunted!

Here’s the photo…

Look carefully…

This weeks vacation rental photo of the week - Haunted House

Rent this vacation rental and maybe you will end up sharing, with a GHOST or two.

You can find out more about the ghosts here.


Standing out from the crowd.

Now this is FUN. That’s why it caught my eye.

To succeed with your vacation rental photography you need to stand out from the crowd and this shot does just that.

Now I’m not suggesting that you advertise your holiday home as haunted, I’m saying that if you pay attention when taking and in this case promoting your photos of your rental it pays off.

Most owners just take snaps of the exterior and each room.

If you think a little outside the box and carry out a marketing makeover to produce better images, you too could be getting more bookings.

What are your vacation rental photographs like?

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